The Disciple of The Easter Monkey (unclephil2k) wrote in supergirls_inc,
The Disciple of The Easter Monkey


Hiya, all. I figured i'd put in an introductory post, since everyone else is. I've been a huge comics fan all my life, but my faves usually end up being Super-Heroines. i'm a hugehugeHUGE Wonder Woman fan, and a big fan of She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman (just got through with the Essentials TBP), Elektra, Birds of Prey, Power Girl....and I could go on & on. I was always a big Dakota North fan (yeah, i'm the one)...and I see that they're finally reviving the characyer at Marvel later this year! Yay!

But honestly, I think my favorite comics character ever has gotta be Lois Lane. She's evolved over the years into a complex character with tons of unused potential. I really think she should have her own solo book again, frankly. I can't be the only one that'd buy it, i'm sure.

Ummmmm....that's it. Bye!
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