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Supergirl-(Kara Zor-El) --1st appearance: Action Comics #252 (1959).1st Modern Age appearance: Superman/Batman #8 (2004)

Kara Zor-El, better known as Supergirl, is the only surviving woman from the now-dead planet of Krypton. Her only surviving blood relative is Kal-El, her first cousin, who is the only surviving man from Krypton. He is better known througout the universe as Superman."The Girl Who Fell To Earth", as her foe Darkseid refers to her, did indeed fall to earth inside of a spacecraft built by her father, the Kryptonian scientist, Zor-El. He knew that Krypton was doomed to explode, as theorized by his brother, Jor-El.

Knowing that Jor-El was sending his infant son Kal-El to safety on Earth, Zor-El similarly planned to send his teenage daughter Kara to Earth as well. Things did not turn out as planned, however, as Kara's ship was encased in a fragment of the dead planet, and made a much slower journey to earth, arriving decades after her cousin fell to Earth.Her ship splashed down in Gotham Harbor, attracting the attention of the Batman, who discovers the ship empty. The young Kara, naked and alone in a strange, alien city, believes herself in danger and began destroying things with her heat vision and super-strength...

Batman disables her with a piece of kryptonite, and he and Superman transport her to the Batcave for examination.Determining that she is indeed an alien who speaks Kryptonese, Superman welcomes her as a long-lost cousin. Kara is soon taken to Themyscira for protection and training by her Amazon warriors. The island is soon besieged by the forces of Darkseid, who kill Kara's new friend, Harbinger, and kidnap her back to their hellish planet of Apokolips.There Kara's mind is controlled by Darkseid, causing her to battle Superman, nearly killing him. He resorts to Kryptonite to defeat her. Batman forced Darkseid to disavow any further efforts to control the "Girl Who Fell To Earth," and Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Big Barda return to Earth with Kara. In this origin tale, as told in Superman/Batman #s 8-13, Kara is shown as a stranger on a strange planet, not quite sure what to make of her situation.

Expecting that she would arrive on Earth while cousin Kal was still a child, and in need of protection, Kara is taken aback by the role reversal imposed by the adult Superman. He sees himself as the older adult authority figure, and she increasingly resents her subordinate role. Distrusted by Batman, who sees her arrival as too convenient, argued over by Superman and Wonder Woman, who both seek a role in protecting her, Kara adopts the superhero persona of Supergirl, wearing a "super-styled" costume designed by Superman's adoptive mother. She is now ready to take her place alongside Earth's other heros, as she indicates when her cousin introduces her to the Justice League, the Teen Titans, and other groups of super-powered beings.

Superman Batman Wonder Woman Big Barda Harbinger
Darkseid The Female Furies of Apokolips
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