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introduction, of sorts, I guess

since others seem to be introducing themselves, I guess I can do a little bit of the same.

My name is Edward.
I have been a comic book reader since childhood, and over the years have deleloped a lot of favorite characters, many of them female. Wonder Woman, She-Hulk, Infectious Lass, Dazzler, Batgirl (Babs, of course), Tigra, Fly-Girl, Platinum ("Tina") of the Metal Men, Promethea, Black Canary...the list goes on and on.
There is also a fascination with the idea of female heroes, watching how they are handled. Sometimes very well, many times somewhat embarassingly, the history of the female hero holds my interest. (ditto for the female villian.)
I run a small community of my own, geekmakers, which may be of interest to some. We are small, but steadily growing. All's welcome.
My brain is filled with an unusual amount of geek info (darnit, I with that "Beat the Geeks" was still on the air), so if I can, I am more than willing to help out with questions or whatnot. In the future I might even be closer to useful once I get the house finished and my books all unpacked.
well, hope that didn't bore too many people.
Have a good weekend.
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