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Infectious Lass

much of this is being reconstructed from memory, since there is next to nothing about her on-line, and my comics are still packed up from the move..oooo, wait, I found a small source to help fill im my gaps!)
Infectious Lass
secret identity - Drura Sehpt
group afiliation - Legion of Substitute Heroes, and then some
home planet - Somathur
first appearance - Superboy 201, March 1974

Drura Sehpt comes from Somahtur, a planet whose inhabitants' bodies are homes for colonies of microorganisms, with which they can infect other people, and by which they themselves are unaffected. Drura was the first specimen brought back to the United Planets, and immediately upon hearing of the Legion escaped her confinement on Medicus One to attempt membership, as Infectious Lass.
legion try out

Her lack of control over her power disqualified her from Legion membership, but her first application brought her her first friend from another world - Porcupine Pete Dursin, another person who few people were willing to touch.

The two of them joined the Legion of Substitute Heroes, but never spent much time refining their powers as the other members did, and her infection of bystanders was one of several recurring embarrassments that the group had to endure in its later years. She tried out a couple more times and presumably helped out the Subs on some missions (most memorably when Ambush Bug flits to the future and another time when she accidentally sheds a little Granderian Gender Reversal Germs). When the Subs disbanded, Drura felt responsible, but she managed to keep in touch with the other former Subs. I seem to recall her being accepted into the Academy around this time, in order to formally get some training)

All throughout this, she was watched closely by the Science Police, since she was a potentially dangerous excapee from a quarantine planet. Unsure how to handle the situation, the SPs allowed her to roam free, albeit supervised, since they didn't wish to alert the public to the existance of Somathur.

little picture

Later, Polar Boy turned to his old friends to help him keep up the Legion, she was contacted as well. Unfortunately, her power made her a lightning rod for the kind of harrassment that Earthgov was giving the Legion, and she was forced to flee the Legion to avoid arrest. After hiding for a while, she found her way to the anti-Earthgov underground movement led by Jacques Foccart, the second Invisible Kid, and there she fell in love with Jacques, and he with her.

When the war against the Dominators was won, she joined Jacques in the presidential palace, but Jacques never felt comfortable in the position, and eventually resigned it to return to the re-formed Legion. Drura has accompanied Jacques there as well, even though she is not officially a member of the current Legion This point seems to be debated quite a bit. She and Jacques were appointed the Legion's advocates on Weber's World after the Legion was framed for treason by Universo, and it was she who stopped him from escaping Weber's World. She and Jacques then proceeded to New Earth to help in the transporting of the pocket dimension's Earth to the real universe, whereupon they disappeared due to Zero Hour.

Time goes a little screwy, causing the ReBoot Legion.

She goes unseen for most of this run, although does pop up towards the very end as a Cadet, and very well utilized.

Then time goes screwy again, and we have the current "Talkin' Bout a Revolution" Legion (as I like to call them.) Her current existance is unknown.

I have always liked this character and thought I would try to share. Sorry I couldn't find more pictures.
my, she has a big head
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