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the scarlet witch

Biographical Data
Real Name: Wanda Maximoff
Former aliases: Wanda Frank, Wanda Magnus, Wanda (no last name)
Identity: Publicly Known
Current Occupation: Professional Adventurer
Former Occupation: Housewife, parent, student (of withcraft), witchcraft tutor
Citizenship: Former citizen of Transia, naturalized citizen of the United States
Legal Statues: No criminal record
Marital Status: Separated
Known Relatives: Vision (estranged husband), Pietro Maximoff (brother, alias Quicksilver), Magnus (father, alias Magneto), Magda (mother, presumed deceased), Thomas (son, "deceased"), William (son, "deceased"), Django Maximoff (adoptive father, deceased), Marya Maximoff (adoptive mother, deceased), Anna (sister, deceased), Crystal (sister-in-law), Luna (niece), Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgon, Karnak, Triton (sister-in-law's cousins), Simon Williams (brother-in-law, alias Wonder Man, deceased)
Known Allies: The Avengers, Agatha Harkness, the Fantastic Four, the Inhumans, Dr. Strange
Major Enemies: Magneto, Immortus, Chton, Set, Morgan Le Fey, Mantis, Modred, Master Pandemonium
Base of Operations: Avengers Mansion, New York City
Current Group Membership: Avengers
Former Group Membership: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants I, Lady Liberators, Defenders, West Coast Avengers, Force Works

Physical Description
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair: Auburn, formerly black

Powers and Abilites
Intelligence: Normal
Strength: Normal
Speed: Normal
Stamina: Athlete
Durability: Normal
Agility: Normal
Reflexes: Athlete
Fighting: Basic Avengers hand-to-hand combat training
Special skills and abilities: Trained in sorcery by Agatha Harkness
Superhuman physical powers: None
Superhuman mental powers: Ability to affect probability fields to cause occurence of various unlikely phenomena, including spontaneous combustion of flammable objects, rapid rust or decay of organic or inorganic materials, deflection of objects in flight, disruption of energy transmissions of fields
Special limitations: "Hex"-power has a 20% unreliability factor; range of hex limited by line of sight
Source of superhuman powers: Genetic mutation (control amplified through study of sorcery

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