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Insect Queen

(we haven't had one of these in a while, so I thought I might add one myself. And I thought I would put in an entry about a character who would probably never otherwise get recognition)

Insect Queen
secret identity - Lana Lang (pre-crisis of course)

first appearance - Superboy 124, October 1965

Insect Queen

After rescuing an alien visitor trapped under a fallen tree, Lana was given, as her reward, a ring with biogenetic powers. Later, she discovered that she could use it to gain insect-abilities. She turned into a human firefly and a grasshopper girl. She grew insect antennae to send and receive "vibratory" messages and turned into a centipede. She decided to use her new power to begin a career as a super-hero. Wearing a stretchable costume and a mask, the Insect Queen of Smallville started foiling crime. One day, she heard an emergency on the radio then wrapped Clark Kent in a cocoon, exposing her own identity as Insect Queen but sure that Superboy would have to expose his identity by bursting free to answer the emergency, . Clark fliew out the window, while still in the cocoon. Using super-speed he performed his rescue and returned to the cocoon. Lana saw Clark climbing out wearing butterfly wings and believed his story that he grew them in her cocoon, and that's how it flew, not due to him being Superboy.
Using her alien bio-ring, Insect Queen can take on the characteristics of any species of insect, also covering all insect-like anthropods, like spiders and lobsters (SB 127). At first the ring responded to her desires of the moment, but once she decided on a super-hero career, she began to command the ring to give her specific insect-powers (SB 124). At first she thought she could only assume the characteristics of a particular species of insect only once (SB 124), but later, the alien returned to tell her that she could use each form only once each 24 hours (SB 127).
Insect Queen has turned into a human firefly, grasshopper girl, a centipede, dragonfly, ant girl, bee girl, beetle girl, moth larva, spider-girl, mosquito girl, caterpillar, water-skater girl, damsel fly, lobster-girl, tent worm, queen termite, ant lioness, she-shield bug, cicada-girl, horsefly, click beetle, moth-girl, butterfly girl, foam bug, tent caterpillar, human fly, small-sized leaf-cutting bee and a sphinx moth.
weaknesses - Insect Queen can only assume the form of one particular species of insect each 24-hour period (SB 127). As her power is not natural and dependant upon a device, if the bio-ring falls off her finger while in insect form, she is frozen in that form until she puts it on again (AD 355).
(this information was glommed from the wonderful web-site Legion Roll Call, although I wish they had an entry for Infectious Lass.)

(Amalgam Comics featured Mary Jane Watson becoming Insect Queen.)
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