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Real Name: Koriand’r
Other Alias: Kory Anders
Known Relatives: Myand’r (father, deceased), Luand’r (mother, deceased), Komand’r (sister, previously believed deceased)*, Ryand’r (brother, alive), Karras (first husband, deceased), General Phy’zzon (second husband, deceased)
Occupation: Adventurer
Former Occupations: Princess of Tamaran, slave, supermodel
Group Affiliation: Titans
Base of Operations: San Francisco
First Appearance: DC Comics Presents #26 (October 1980)
Created by: George Perez and Marv Wolfman
Princess Koriand’r of the planet Tamaran was given up to slavery in order to keep her world free. In an experiment at the hands of the Psions, she gained the ability to absorb energy and project it in destructive “starbolts.” Escaping captivity, she found herself on Earth, where she used these powers, her natural flight ability, and her childhood warrior training as a member of the New Teen Titans.

Her years with the Titans encompassed a modeling career as Kory Anders, a long-term relationship with Dick Grayson (a.k.a. Nightwing), and a constant struggle against her warrior nature. During this time they opposed her sister Komand’r’s plans of conquest a number of times. Kory was forced into a brief marriage of state to prevent a Tamaranian civil war, a power struggle ultimately resolved when a wiser Komand’r came to rule a unified Tamaran. Starfire’s husband, however, was killed.

Ultimately, Koriand’r’s relationship with Dick broke down as she chose to embrace her Tamaranian heritage. She returned to Tamaran, married General Phy’zzon, and participated in the evacuation of her homeworld when it was destroyed (New Titans #128, 1994).

Tragically, only a short time after her people relocated, New Tamaran’s sun was destroyed, and Starfire was the only one on the planet to escape the destruction of their second home (The Final Night Preview, 1996). She adventured in space for a time, then returned to Earth, working with the Titans again. When she learned of a band of survivors, she helped them invade Karna, the Gordanian homeworld, an action which was resolved diplomatically by the Titans’ Tempest, allowing the Tamaranians to settle there peacefully. Koriand’r remained there as their leader (Titans #16–18, 2000). Shortly afterward, Karna was destroyed by Imperiex (Our Worlds At War: Secret Files, 2001). Koriand’r and her brother survived aboard the flagship of the defense fleet. It is not known how many other Tamaranians were off-world at the time.

Starfire has returned to Earth, the only home she has left.

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